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Looking forward a place where you can windsurf with just bikinis or surf pants in very cold winter season??
Now you found a paradise here in Ishigaki island Japan!! You can enjoy very strong winds conditions like you need to put 4.0~ or even 3.7 if you're lucky. When the sun's out the sea turns into beautiful blue coural paradise look as you can imagine of Bahamas or Hawaii.
If you're alone and worried to come by yourself ,no worries mate our T&T staff will take a good good care of you!
Please not only just come and have a look how amazing nature and environments we have but also experience windsurfing here in paradise. 

■ Rental prices  (tax included)

■ Windsurfing rental                 

       2hours           ¥5500   (insurance ¥1000)

    4hours    ¥8000  (insurance ¥2000)

    6hours    ¥11000  (insurance ¥3000)

■ Harness  ¥2200

 ■Wetsuits  ¥1100
 ■Marine shoes ¥550

■ Open hour

      9:00 ~ 16:30
  It changes due to the tide graphs,please confirm when you make a reservation.

■ Meeting at

         3208̠-11 kohama yaeyama Okinawa Japan


 Please call us or use the form down below to book.
    +81 980-89-2253 / +81 80-6499-7186

  Windsurfing booking form

    ※Please make a reservation in advance until 18:00 on the day before.



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